What gives us the competitive advantage?


As a home seller, you will receive the latest, greatest, and fastest market exposure of your home, the expertise and guidance of a seasoned agent backed by a globally renowned company, and the assurance of knowing you and your home are in good reputable hands. As a buyer, you will receive the attentiveness and understanding of your exact wants and needs so that your home search is with maximum efficiency and in minimal time.

   Our agents are carefully selected, having to meet specific criteria in sales performance, education, dedication, service, and integrity. Unlike most offices who concentrate on quantity versus quality and find themselves with only 5% of their agents producing results, all of our agents are of the top tier. We also look for diversity, focusing on agents with a variety of talents from an array of career backgrounds, social affiliations, and community involvements. Many of our agents speak multiple languages, a quality we deem so important in Boston’s ecclectic and internationally rich make-up. We recognize that most clients want to feel a connection and familiarity with their real estate agent-- someone with whom they can relate and who wholeheartedly understands their needs.

   When visiting or contacting our office, we will ensure that you are connected with the perfect agent for you. Cityscapes International values building long term client relationships that foster repeat business and countless referrals.